YouAppi Integrates With Vungle for High-Quality Global Video Inventory, Experiences 1,441% In Growth Since January 2020

YouAppi, a leading global marketing platform for the world's largest mobile brands, announced today an integration with Vungle, a leading mobile performance marketing platform, for high-quality mobile inventory. YouAppi has experienced a staggering 1,441% growth since the partnership's inception in January 2020, with projections indicating continued growth through 2021.

Vungle is an industry leader with its extensive mobile video ad demand and an SDK footprint of over 78,000 apps. The integration allows YouAppi to access Vungle's high quality global video inventory. YouAppi has scaled its efforts with record-beating returns month-over-month in the 17 months since partnering with Vungle. Both teams have been closely partnering with developers to implement more effective growth strategies to successfully scale on Android, since iOS has dramatically changed privacy and advertising settings.

YouAppi's Android inventory has increased 3x in the last six months. This is particularly important in light of the changes taking place with iOS around privacy and advertising. Vungle saw Android ad spend surge 21% on the Vungle platform in the week after the release of iOS 14.5. YouAppi's Android demand increase is even more important when considering emerging markets where Android use is highest. Android's market share in Asia, for example, is a dominating 82%with 70% of mobile users on the Android operating system.

Following the changes that have taken place with iOS this year, it is important for mobile marketers to expand beyond iOS solutions. YouAppi's integration with Vungle represents this shift in mobile marketing goals by taking a more global methodology. Both YouAppi and Vungle teams share similar visions to provide customers with high quality ads that not only engage, but also convert into revenue.