YouAppi Announces 100% Female-Led Team in US & Doubles Revenue Year-Over-Year In 2022 With Focus On Retargeting

YouAppi, a leading global marketing platform for the world’s largest mobile brands, is excited to announce it now has a 100% female-led executive team in the US. The strong female presence on its executive leadership team has helped YouAppi grow its app retargeting product, ReAppi, 3x since its launch in 2019.

This latest YouAppi news illustrates the nation-wide trend toward greater inclusion and diversity within the technology landscape, a traditionally problematic area in the fight for gender equity. Over the last 5 years, YouAppi has made several key female hires among its executive leadership group. Some of those names include:
Nancy Roberts – Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Director of North America
Moran Izhaki – Chief Financial Officer
Hilit Mioduser – Senior VP of Growth
Nai Saeturn – VP of Sales, North America

A recent study found that companies that increased the number of female partners by 10% saw 9.7% more profitable returns. The US team, led by the women above, has helped YouAppi consistently increase revenue company-wide year-over-year. During the 5 year period where YouAppi increased its female presence among its executive leadership, revenue growth at YouAppi increased by 10x.

To further emphasize the recent company success, YouAppi announced this year that it was named one of AppsFlyer’s top Mobile Remarketing Companies across multiple categories in AppsFlyer’s latest bi-annual Performance Index last month and is a leader in app remarketing.