News and Datos Health Transform Digital Healthcare by Merging Remote Care Automation and Video-based Vital Measurements, the leading provider of general health and wellness video-based monitoring solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), announced a partnership with Datos Health, a global leader in remote care automation.

The Datos Health platform will leverage’s award winning technology, which provides video-based, real-time health data, including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, and pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ). The vitals can be extracted from a patient by simply looking into a smartphone, laptop or tablet camera, for less than 60 seconds. With Datos Health’s fully customizable drag and drop Design Studio, vital sign measurements can be seamlessly integrated into any remote care pathway and paired with patient reported outcomes (PROs), giving providers a comprehensive view of patient health along with all the communication tools needed to intervene and engage when needed.

With the integration of’s technology, health providers now have a unique advantage to measure patient vital signs remotely, no matter their location or time, empowering a larger patient population to benefit from all that remote care has to offer-enhancing decision-making and patient experience alike. In addition, the logistical challenges of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices are eliminated. Personalized care can be provided without any requirement for the patient or provider to purchase or distribute wearables or other devices, enabling ease of use from the comfort of the user's home. Patient health data will automatically be saved and accessible through personal electronic medical record (EMR) for care providers’ review of an individual’s measurements history and trends, to enhance preventive care and help address health issues in real-time.

Giving patients the freedom to use any camera-enabled device of their choosing and providing them with automated assisted self-care through Datos Health’s CareApps will foster patient adherence, improve outcomes and decrease hospital admissions. The integration between Datos Health and replaces the need for patients to rely on several different devices to collect important vitals for their care teams as they can now be gathered quickly and simultaneously-all from one device. Care teams receive accurate patient data to determine if intervention is needed, titrate medications, closely manage symptoms, and personalize care plans in real-time-finally being able to harness the full potential of remote care.