BlueSnap Integrates with Splitit to Improve the Merchant and Customer Experience on Installment Payments

BlueSnap, an All-in-One Payment Platform listed in the Inc. 5000, announced its integration with Splitit in a partnership that will improve the merchant and customer experience on installment payment transactions. Splitit Payments Ltd offers no-fee installment payments on credit card purchases, allowing consumers to break payments into smaller increments.

BlueSnap provides everything businesses need to process payments, increase sales and reduce costs, all in one place — including a payment gateway platform, merchant account and advanced features that improve bottom-line performance. Splitit functions as a technology layer, improving merchant conversion by facilitating hassle-free installment options without applications or new credit.

Splitit helps merchants decrease cart abandonment, whilst increasing conversions and average order value, thereby increasing sales. It provides access to a billion shoppers using their existing Visa and Mastercard cards, serving as a global solution anywhere these cards are accepted. Splitit facilitates quick checkout since it doesn’t require sign up or credit checks and delivers high approval rates and omnichannel capabilities. Because Splitit and BlueSnap are integrated, no further integration is needed for merchants to enjoy these benefits.

The Splitit integration allows shoppers to pay by installment with a unique approach that applies monthly charges to an existing card. Shoppers can buy now and pay later using a card they already have with no need to obtain additional cards or lines of credit, no application, no credit check and no interest fees. With Splitit, shoppers keep earning rewards on their credit card.

Source: MarTech Series