NTT East Collaborates with Israeli Startup for Safety and Health Management Solutions Using Wearable Devices

In a strategic partnership, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT East), led by President and CEO: Naoki Shibutani, and Israeli startup Ltd. (, headed by Co-Founder and CEO David Maman, are joining forces to pioneer advancements in employee safety and health management through the integration of wearable devices. The collaboration's inaugural effort introduces the integration of's proprietary technology, specifically the "Binah Connect", powered by the software, into NTT East's solution "Wearable Connect." This integration is part of the innovative lineup aimed at monitoring employee health and safety to provide peace of mind. NTT Israel (NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel), the focal point of NTT group and its Japanese and global clients to the Israeli innovation eco-system, initiated and facilitated the partnership.

In industries such as manufacturing and construction, addressing safety challenges, including fall and accident prevention as well as early incident response, is critical. As almost every industry is grappling with an aging workforce and labor shortages, the demand for safety and health management solutions, especially in physically demanding work environments, is on the rise.

To address these challenges, NTT East's "Wearable Connect" solution utilizes wearable devices and IoT sensors to measure individual employees' heart rate, location information, fall or stagnation detection, etc. The data is processed and stored in the cloud, enabling centralized and more effective management of employee conditions as well as alert notifications for administrators and employees, ultimately offering a holistic solution for employee health and safety monitoring that provides peace of mind. has developed and provided the "Binah Connect" solution, a proprietary technology that combines signal processing and AI to achieve high-precision measurements of vital signs, including heart rate, respiratory rate, HRV, stress levels, and Binah Wellness Score ('s comprehensive evaluation index of health status and risk level). While the solution also enables spot measurements using smartphone cameras, continuous monitoring is essential for safety and health management in fieldwork. To address this need, starting from October 2023, has begun offering "Binah Connect," supporting PPG* sensors for wearable devices. Recognizing the synergies, NTT East and initiated the collaboration, introducing the integration of "Binah Connect" features into NTT East's "Wearable Connect" lineup as the first step.

The data measured by the PPG sensor embedded in wearable devices and "Binah Connect" are processed and stored in the cloud through "Wearable Connect," facilitating centralized management of measurement data for each worker. In addition to Wearable Connect features like heart rate, acceleration, and location information, the integration with "Binah Connect" enables the acquisition of vital signs such as respiration rate, HRV, and stress levels.

Alert notifications are triggered for individuals or administrators in case of abnormal data, allowing early detection of worker discomfort or incidents and swift initiation of first-response measures to prevent occupational accidents.

In the future, both companies will explore the development of new features such as fatigue detection and sleepiness monitoring to enhance safety and health management solutions for employees using wearable devices. Moreover, by venturing into new areas including healthcare with additional solutions beyond wearable devices, the collaboration aims to provide value to an even wider range of customers.