VinFast announces battery cooperation with StoreDot

Vietnamese electric car startup VinFast has announced another battery development collaboration, this time with Israeli company StoreDot. VinFast wants access to the Israelis’ fast-charging batteries – and potentially to manufacture batteries itself.

According to VinGroup, the parent company of the electric car startup, VinFast’s goal is to “advance and gain a competitive advantage in the global EV market.” To this end, the brand’s vehicles will be equipped “with technologies of the future.”

As part of the cooperation with StoreDot, the Vietnamese want to secure access to the Israeli company’s fast-charging technology in particular. StoreDot is working on batteries that can be charged to 80 per cent in just four to five minutes. At the core of the technology, marketed as “XFC-FlashBattery,” is a silicon-dominated anode. According to VinFast, StoreDort uses nanoparticles instead of graphite.