YouAppi Unveils Programmatic User Acquisition Platform, UAppi, To Meet Challenges Faced In The Privacy Era

YouAppi, a leading global marketing platform for the world’s largest mobile brands, is excited to unveil its programmatic user acquisition (UA) platform: UAppi. UAppi leverages the company’s deep user acquisition experience and combines that with its programmatic re-engagement platform (ReAppi) to help address today’s complex, new media environment and urgent demand for growth by driving more app consumers through the user journey funnel and generating more revenue for clients.

The UAppi solution functions independent of user identification to enable a logical transition for advertisers in a privacy-driven media landscape. Built on YouAppi’s DSP, it is focused on peak performance. UAppi, available as a managed service, evaluates contextual signals within an app category and develops models to determine the type of ad content that is relevant to a particular person or group. To date, it has experienced consistent success with its algorithmic expertise and advanced optimizations around mobile devices and telecom data for its clients.

“UAppi allows us to target and optimize around deep funnel events for clients,” says Ilya Kotel, VP of R&D at YouAppi. “The solution utilizes machine learning to optimize media buying, reach campaign goals, select optimal creatives, and control campaigns' budget spend. It’s not just about driving installs necessarily. It's about driving revenue and quality for the client.”

Key features include:
-Programmatic In-App Inventory: 40 billion daily bid request options with global reach and scalable delivery
-CPA-Driven Campaigns: App install campaigns targeted to specific actionable and billable in-app events
-Working with 30+ SSPs to leverage and analyze data from over 5000 apps
-Safe Spend: 100% transparent traffic that is brand-safe with complete insight into ad placements
-Optimization: Leveraging of user and creative data, with AI-powered machine learning utilizing proprietary algorithms to drive ROAS throughout the campaign lifecycle
-Contextual Targeting: 50+ daily parameters leveraged from the bid auction
-User Data Leverage: Target users based on behavior and interest to serve relevant ads in real-time

The YouAppi DSP is already robust with its deep experience in programmatic re-targeting. Adding SKAdNetwork integration, machine learning user lookalike features, contextual targeting, and localized creative services makes UAppi an even more powerful tool for marketers. The programmatic UA solution provides access to data beyond basic user-level information by enriching the data we have from our publishers. It provides visibility into everything from type of app monetization to type of game and more. In short, it’s a way for brands to move beyond the data void brought on by IDFA restrictions, enrich user data, and drive more revenue as a result.

Adds YouAppi CEO Moshe Vaknin, “This is a very unique time for the mobile app marketing industry and, of course, with the limited use of IDFA, advertisers are forced to discover new solutions. At YouAppi, we’ve worked tirelessly to build UAppi, a UA solution that goes outside of the box. We’ve created something that provides a high return on investment at the highest quality available in the market. Programmatic user acquisition is a homecoming for YouAppi. Building UAppi and leveraging its synergistic relationship with ReAppi, big brands can take full control of user growth.”

UAppi also allows for creative result analytics. Publishers see automatic creative optimization across multiple ad formats with continuous A/B testing to only serve high-value creatives. These ads will execute the most relatable message, graphic, and CTA; delivering optimal creative performance with reporting support. UAppi’s reporting leverages its proprietary data processing capabilities for measuring campaign incrementality performance results.