Audioburst Introduces Finder: The First Embeddable Search Widget for Podcasts

Audioburst, The Audio Search and Delivery Platform, today released a beta version of Audioburst Finder, the world's first embeddable web search widget for podcasts and conferences. The solution was unveiled in partnership with the largest gathering of podcasters, Podcast Movement 2021, with exclusive early sign up available during the event. It has also been deployed by The Voicebot Podcast and VOICE Global 2021 conference.

Audioburst Finder enables podcasters to transform their websites into powerful podcast distribution and discovery platforms. A keyword search across podcast episodes allows visitors to find and listen to engaging audio "bursts" (bite-sized clips), sampling content before subscribing. An integrated social sharing feature enables listeners to share their favorite bursts directly to social media, thereby distributing the podcast to entirely new audiences.

"The Audioburst Finder brings us one step closer to solving the challenge of audio discovery," said Amir Hirsh, Co-founder and CEO of Audioburst. "It opens a window through which listeners can search and sample creators' content before subscribing. Additionally, as brands build out audio strategies and produce high quality content, Audioburst Finder gives them a new way to repurpose the content and engage consumers right from their corporate website.

"Over the past four years I have had the privilege of interviewing more than 200 guests and recording hundreds of hours of insights they offered," added Bret Kinsella, founder and editor of and The Voicebot Podcast. "However, many of those insights are buried at 44 minutes and 23 seconds into a 70 minute interview. It is nearly impossible to go back and find what was said when you are looking for it. And, transcript searches are okay but don't have the fidelity of the original recording and are hard to share without added work. This is a problem for podcasters, and is even a higher mountain to climb for listeners looking for the gem in your interview. I am excited that Audioburst Finder for Podcasts makes this all dead simple. We can finally find the exact segment of audio content we need almost instantly."

"This is the first talk audio web player to offer full search functionalities across our entire event," said VOICE founder Pete Erickson, who introduced the search engine at Voice Global 2021, the largest voice industry event. "It enables you to search for keywords, snippets, or people, and discover bite-sized pieces of content that you may have missed or want to go back and hear about. I'm excited about it because it makes our event all the more accessible from a content standpoint. 24 hours of content together with the Audioburst Finder are a perfect way for participants to go and find exactly what it is they might be looking for."