News Announces Video-based Blood Test Ability Using a Smartphone Camera, the number one provider of AI-powered software that enables video-based measurement of physiological health and wellness parameters, announced today its revolutionary ability to measure blood count (hemoglobin levels), blood chemistry (hemoglobin A1C) and lipids (cholesterol total) results by simply having users look at a smartphone camera.

“Without a doubt, this is a groundbreaking milestone for, and might be the first step towards bloodless blood tests. Our technology demonstrates promising results in measuring this crucial health data, which, alongside the rest of the vital signs we already deliver, is expected to create a shift in health and wellness monitoring,” said David Maman, Co-Founder and CEO of “Leaping from painful and infrequent blood tests, which billions of people can hardly access, to having them available anytime one needs using just a smartphone camera is pretty revolutionary! Video-based blood tests could have a game-changing impact on the healthcare, insurance and wellness industries. Together, we can help bridge the gaps in healthcare and wellness and ensure that no one gets left behind due to a lack of access,” added Maman.’s award-winning technology, delivered in the form of a Software Development Kit (SDK), already enables the measurement of a wide range of health parameters, including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (multiple parameters and RRI raw data), oxygen saturation, breathing rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, and pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ) in approximately 60 seconds. Using the measured data, also delivers a personal wellness score.