YouAppi's Retargeting Solution Exploded In Growth Despite Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a mostly negative impact across the mobile marketing landscape, YouAppi - a leading global marketing platform for the world's largest mobile brands - has conversely seen explosive growth in its products since January 2020. This growth is tied directly to the company's laser focus on the gaming vertical as well as the elevation of its retargeting solution, ReAppi, which saw 100% growth in revenue since the start of the pandemic.
The gaming industry has proven to be a particularly pandemic-resistant vertical. More time spent isolating at home has meant more time spent on mobile devices. Mobile gaming has specifically benefited from this change in media habits. Game downloads have increased more than 42% YoY in 2020.

Retargeting technology has helped gaming companies take advantage and optimize around this surge in new users. As a result, gaming companies running retargeting campaigns are now seeing a 104% increase in Day 30 retention. ReAppi's retargeting business in the gaming vertical has also grown from 12% (September 2019) to 35%, presently. 

"Re-targeting is all about timing and this has solidified our platform even further," says Moshe Vaknin, CEO and Co-Founder of YouAppi. "The unprecedented growth in the gaming vertical gave a huge opening for ReAppi. We saw a double effect- increasing our ReAppi revenue and also the growth in gaming clients."

As more people turn to mobile gaming, advertisers are finding real opportunities by placing valuable and engaging ad content. Currently, ReAppi is working with multiple, major gaming companies including: Tilting Point, Jumpramp, Me2Zen and Ulu Games.

The ReAppi retargeting platform leverages automation through its unbiased machine learning (ML) to optimize campaigns. The platform helps drive incremental growth through increased in-app purchases, free to paying player conversion, and increased activity in game play. ReAppi optimization takes place across multiple layers to build real time audiences per user profile to drive deep funnel activity. 

ReAppi is a fully managed programmatic app retargeting solution for marketers, app developers, and agencies. ReAppi reactivates recent installs or other upper funnel intents - such as app engagements, tutorials, and registrations - to convert users and entice them to return. Existing users are re-engaged leading to increased games played, orders made and purchases completed all while transforming valuable users into recurring ones.

Source: YouAppi