Audioburst Launches Creators Premium Platform for Content Promotion and Analysis

Audio content search and analysis startup Audioburst is adding new metrics and insight into audio consumption through its new Creators Premium platform. As Audioburst continues to extend its real-time radio and podcast transcription and indexing services, Creators Premium will translate the data it gathers to help podcast and radio show producers attract and maintain a larger audience than it currently does.

Creators Premium is designed as a marketing management platform for audio content. Audioburst is best known for its News Feed app for the Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby voice assistants, which creates a unique and personalized news bulletin built on the listener’s choice of radio and podcast episodes using existing templates or designed by the listener Audioburst’s ‘bursts’ are collections of highlights from podcasts and radio shows that the listener might enjoy, 4,500 shows and counting, all played in whatever sequence the user chooses or the AI judges would make the most sense. The company also released an audio upload platform last summer, designed to be used without code called Audioburst Studio that lets clients embed custom Audioburst players into apps and websites. That means the audio content put together by Audioburst’s AI wouldn’t need to open the Audioburst News Feed app to play what people want to hear.

With Creators Premium, the content producers can quickly design audio and video bursts, for promotion on websites, social media, and Audioburst’s community of clients. These bursts can be used as short promos or the equivalent of pull-quote in a text article to draw attention to the show or episode. Independent podcast producers and hosts as well as corporate radio groups can leverage the platform to improve what they create, according to Audioburst as the platform has tiers four tiers, from a free version designed to entice people to test the service, to one suited for a network of 25 shows. All of them provide some variation on promotional and analytic services, including varying amounts of premium transcription, automatic clip creation, and content indexing to make the shows easier for listeners to find.

Source: VoiceBot