StoreDot Extreme Fast-Charging (XFC) EV battery cells are now being used and tested by over 15 global automotive brands

StoreDot, the pioneer of extreme fast charging high energy battery solution for electric vehicles, has revealed today that its groundbreaking XFC batteries and systems are now being tested by over 15 global automotive brand manufacturers, and that it has additional ;potential manufacturing partnerships in the pipeline for this year.

Automotive makers are now conducting real-world testing of StoreDot's XFC battery technology. These OEMs encompass leading companies headquartered in Europe, Asia; and the US. Initial test results confirm that StoreDot's battery cells that can deliver 100 miles of charge in just five minutes, are on track for mass production readiness for passenger cars by 2024;StoreDot's 300 Wh/kg EV form factor pouch cells achieve over 1,000 consecutive extreme-fast cycles ;while exclusively guaranteeing auto makers no battery degradation due to extreme fast charging.

Last year StoreDot revealed its '100inX' strategic technology roadmap. This featured 100in5, 100in3 and 100in2 of miles per minute of charging - three generations of StoreDot technologies of silicon-dominant XFC, semi solid state and post-lithium architecture. The roadmap reaffirms that the timings for these will be delivered over the coming decade with 100in5 by 2024, 100in3 by 2028 and 100in2 by 2032.

The company now has a growing network of strategic global partnerships and investors, spanning the entire battery ecosystem. To date it has received investments from global automotive manufacturers including Daimler, Ola Electric, Polestar, VinFast and Volvo Cars.