Splitit Announces Kick-Off of Consumer Financial Empowerment Initiative

Splitit, a global installment payment provider, announces today that personal financial expert Bobbi Rebell will join Splitit to launch its Consumer Financial Empowerment Initiative. This Initiative is designed to help consumers learn more about responsible cash flow management. Rebell, a Certified Financial Planner, is the host of the top rated podcasts, “Financial Grownup” and “Money with Friends,” as well as the author of “How to be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice From High Achievers on how to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom.”

“Especially now, we are excited to align with Ms. Rebell, who is an important voice on the dynamic discussions around personal finance and consumer cash flow management,” said Brad Paterson, CEO of Splitit. “Splitit strives to enable people to responsibly enrich their lives, leveraging the credit they have earned to make the purchases they want. Bobbi advocates for empowering people to take control of their finances by offering simple, effective strategies to help them achieve financial freedom. Her message is directly aligned with the principles of Splitit and we look forward to working with her on our Consumer Financial Empowerment Initiative.”

Splitit is an interest-free credit card based installment solution that works with a shopper’s existing Visa or Mastercard. With Splitit, consumers can use their existing credit and pay over time by choosing a number of installments, without incurring fees or interest. Splitit shoppers are savvy shoppers, typically between 35-55 with established credit. Because of the seamless experience that Splitit provides, Splitit also helps merchants increase average order value and overcome cart abandonment, which is the number one challenge facing ecommerce retailers.

“End of year purchases can be a time of great stress for consumers, whether it’s buying holiday presents or saving up for big-ticket household items. Splitit is uniquely offering shoppers a responsible way to plan for big purchases, which is needed now more than ever,” said Bobbi Rebell. “I’m delighted to amplify this forward-thinking brand and showcase how this much-needed solution fits in with sound financial planning principles.”

Splitit is available across a range of popular gift categories including home furnishings, home exercise equipment, fine jewelry, luxury fashion and professional services. Splitit is currently used by more than 1,400 e-commerce merchants around the world. A list of some major merchants that offer Splitit can be found here. Splitit will also be launching an upcoming consumer campaign to further educate on the importance of wise shopping for the holidays.

Source: Splitit