StoreDot to open innovation centre in the USA

The Israeli battery developer StoreDot has announced a global innovation centre in the USA to accelerate the development of solid-state batteries. It is to be built in California, but StoreDot has not yet named an exact location.

The US facility is intended to support the Israel-based global R&D centre, StoreDot said. The additional capacity and “US talent” will support StoreDot’s mission to promote a zero-emissions world, according to a significant statement.

Specifically, this involves two technologies: First, in cooperation with the Israeli R&D centre, the mass production of XFC cell technology is to be made possible by 2024. The ‘XFC-FlashBattery’ is a cell designed by StoreDot with a silicon-dominant anode. This is said to be distinguished by its enormous fast-charging capability; the Israeli company had demonstrated in an interim step in 2019 that their technology can charge the battery of an electric scooter in five minutes. The first development samples were demonstrated to potential partners in early 2021, and then in May a strategic framework agreement was concluded with the Chinese battery manufacturer EVE Energy – with the aforementioned goal of series production by 2024.

In addition to the work on the XFC battery, the innovation centre in California is to “immediately begin research into next-generation solid-state capabilities and materials with extreme energy density”, according to StoreDot. This technology is to be scaled for mass production by 2028.