Audioburst And HARMAN Introduce Personalized Listening Experiences To Millions of Drivers Worldwide

Audioburst, the audio search and delivery platform, today announced its availability on the HARMAN Ignite Store, the leading connected vehicle platform that connects consumers with their favorite content providers. The Audioburst Android Automotive app is now available through the HARMAN Ignite Store to augment vehicle infotainment systems, providing drivers and passengers alike with unprecedented personalization and access to the world's largest searchable library of talk audio content.

"We are excited to welcome Audioburst to the HARMAN Ignite Store Ecosystem and to bring its innovative technology to our OEM customers," said Albert Jordan, VP, HARMAN Ignite Store business unit at HARMAN. "Our HARMAN Ignite Store is designed to optimize the driving experience by connecting consumers to their favorite apps and media content, seamlessly, through their vehicle. Delivering superior Experiences Per Mile is at the core of our HARMAN Automotive mission, and the rich, personalized experience offered by Audioburst fits perfectly with our vision."

In addition to providing listeners with user-specific content, Audioburst APIs provide OEMs with powerful user analytics and unique monetization opportunities. By enabling customers to use Audioburst, OEMs can now collect driver data as it relates to content consumption. This data can be leveraged to inform subscriptions or advertisements, helping to generate new revenue streams.
"Audioburst has the potential to completely disrupt content consumption in cars," said Roger Lanctot, Director Automotive Connected Mobility at Strategy Analytics. "Audioburst represents a unique customer engagement opportunity that coincides with the onset of digital radio and valuable and searchable metadata for an evolving in-vehicle experience."

"There's an endless amount of quality audio content out there," said Amir Hirsh, CEO and Co-founder of Audioburst. "But while audio offers the promise of eyes-on-the-road, many drivers actively browse podcasts and radio stations in futile, and at times dangerous, attempts to find relevant content. Advanced audio search, personalization, and discovery capabilities were missing in the car until recently. Now, drivers can tell us exactly what they'd like to hear, and we will do the rest. Audioburst generates always-fresh, relevant and personalized podcast and digital radio playlists that delight drivers, through a safe and intuitive design, leveraging the rich template library of the HARMAN Ignite Store.״

Audioburst enables its automotive partners such as HARMAN, as well as mobile apps, websites, and connected devices, to expand their offerings by tapping into Audioburst's content library and delivering advanced personalized listening experiences.

The company's innovative AI technology listens to thousands of podcasts and radio stations 24/7. It analyzes and indexes hundreds of millions of minutes of long-form content and cuts it into short-form audio clips, called "bursts." Keywords, entities, sentiment and additional metadata features are extracted to ensure the most accurate topical segmentation. The bursts are then grouped together into playlists to provide listeners with a recommended content stream based on trending topics, past behavior, and defined keywords and interests. These can be as broad as "Tech" and "Business" or as specific as "Ariana Grande," "LA Lakers," and "Pfizer stock."