Israeli Investment Platform

Israel Today
  • 1st in the world in R&D
  • 2nd in the world for Startup Ecosystem (after the US)
  • 3rd in the world in Innovationy
  • 4th in the world in Access to capital
  • 5th in the world in Scientific Infrastructure
  • 8th in the world in Investor Rights

JSCapital, an Israeli investment platform, provides access to international investors, corporations and government agencies to the Israeli startup market, as well as an ecosystem of innovation and invaluable experience, which has been accumulated over years of state development..

  • Israel is a nation of entrepreneurs with fantastic capabilities.

    Warren Buffett
  • The vast success of Israel is connected to the excellence of its population.

    Bill Gates
  • We like to have our finger on the pulse of everything regarding new technologies and I know that in this Israel is a world leader, so we are interested in Israeli developments.

    Carlos Slim Helú
  • Innovation going on in Israel is critical to the future of the technology business.

    Bill Gates
  • Israel is the center of the digital future. Technology here improves by about 10 times every five years.

    Michael Dell